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Courtney Song

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Courtney leads Brand and Experience Design at Sonder, where she is redefining the future of hospitality and living. As a creative leader and designer, she has rich experience launching projects across a breadth of strategies, brands, products, and services.

Prior to Sonder, Courtney was a Senior Design Lead at IDEO, leading large scale engagements across a variety of industries spanning technology, retail, e-commerce, and hospitality. She brings a well of experience and understanding of multidisciplinary design and strategy deeply rooted in understanding human needs and experiences.

It makes me really optimistic that there is there is this kind of growing generation of problem solvers that don't want to put the title or a label on the type of designer they are... and it's more like, oh I'm a designer and, therefore, that is synonymous with being a confident problem solver.
Courtney Song : Brand & Experience Design Manager / Sonder

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