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Michelle Lee Managing Director, Play Lab at IDEO

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Michelle Lee, Managing Director at IDEO, leads their Design for Play team. She has made it her mission to use the principles of play to create impactful products for a diverse range of industries, from healthcare to food and beverage. Michelle is an award-winning designer driven by a desire to bring thoughtful solutions to fruition through user-centered design.

Before joining IDEO, designing toys at VTech and University Games fueled Michelle’s passion for play while lead product roles at thredUP and ShopWell ignited her spirit of entrepreneurship. Michelle firmly believes that the power of play enhances engagement, builds connections, helps us face challenging situations with enthusiasm, and stretches our abilities to new levels.

As challenging as the past couple of years have been, there has been a realization that we can’t just live life the way we always have. There is no returning to normal. Doors are open to completely rethink (redesign) aspects of our lives that we previously took for granted. This is a huge design moment.
Michelle Lee

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